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Quality Home Consultants wants to be the one place you can trust for a variety of inspection services. Please read below on what we offer to our clients.

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Quality Home Consultants Home Check-up Program

The Quality Home Consultants Home Check-up Program is an annual home maintenance service to check for leaks, damage, and other home maintenance items in and around your home. Our program utilizes our experienced and detailed inspection team to identify problems that can become future costly home repairs.

You change the oil in your vehicle as a part of regular maintenance, so why not apply this same logic to your home?

Pre-sale Inspection

A pre-sale inspection of a home you are considering selling avoids last minute discovery of potential problems with your home, which can often result in delays or even a future broken contract. Our thorough inspection process can aid you in a faster, smoother sale of your home.

Home Inspections

Quality Home Consultants has several inspection offerings to cater to your specific need:

Full Home Inspection

QHC has conducted well over 17,000 inspections with combined experience of over 40 years. This means our inspections are very thorough with easy to understand reports generated with specific details annotated with color photos. This report is generated with HomeGauge inspection software and posted onto the internet within 48 hours of your inspection with a secure login for protected viewing that is emailed directly to you. QHC can also send this report to whomever you wish at your request.

Single Item Inspection

If you require just one item inspected that you are concerned about, we can provide this service in the form of a single-item inspection. Contact us to see what we can do for you!


If deficient items have been found during an inspection, and repairs have been performed, often times it is requested for the inspector to come back to the residence and re-inspect the repairs to ensure it was done properly. This is at a significantly lower cost than an additional full home inspection.

Radon Testing

Quality Home Consultants conducts various tests that can be done in conjunction with our inspections. One very important item to test for in a home, new or old, is testing for an odorless, invisible, and tasteless gas called Radon. This is a 48 hour test that is performed by the inspector leaving a small Radon reading device inside the home.

Radon is a carcinogenic gas that is hazardous to inhale. Build-up of radon in homes is a health concern and many lung cancer cases are attributed to radon exposure each year. Testing is the only way to find out your home’s radon levels. EPA and the Surgeon General recommend testing all homes at the lowest level for radon. If you find that you have high radon levels, there are ways to mitigate a radon problem, as the radon gas is trapped inside your home.

Contact us for more information.

Water Testing

What is in your water? QHC can conduct many different types of water testing and tell you exactly what you are drinking, cleaning, and cooking with. The most common water tests are:

Water Bacteria Test

This test looks for E. Coli and Coliform bacteria in your water. Your results generally come back within 48 hours.

FHA Water Scan

Many lenders require this water test, which will identify the following in your water:

  • E. Coli
  • Coliform
  • Lead
  • Nitrites
  • Nitrates

Premium Water Scan

This broad spectrum test will identify the presence of the following items in your water:

  • E. Coli
  • Coliform
  • Lead
  • Nitrites
  • Nitrates
  • Dissolved Solids
  • Iron
  • Alkalinity
  • Copper
  • Phosphorus
  • Turbidity

    Results on this water scan also generally returns within 48 hours.

Radon in Water

Just as radon gas in the air can pose health risks, so too can radon in your water supply. If you have a private well, the EPA recommends testing your water for radon.

Well Inspection

A well inspection is a crucial part of the inspection process when you are considering purchasing a home. Our well inspections can be performed by any of our QHC Home Inspectors and your inspection report will be ready within 48 hours.

Septic Inspection and Pumping

Septic inspections can uncover any potential issues with the septic system before you purchase a house. Our expert septic inspectors perform thorough inspections and pumping, with reports ready within 48 hours. Pumping is also crucial to the maintenance of your system – the EPA recommends that you have your septic tank pumped every 3 to 5 years to avoid expensive septic tank or drain field repairs.


Pest Inspections

Pest inspections are coordinated by a third party pest company through Quality Home Consultants’ office staff that is to be conducted in tandem with your home inspection.

Commercial Inspections

Quality Home Consultants brings our inspection prowess from residences to your commercial property. Please contact us for further information!

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“The inspectors and staff at Quality Home Consultants are very thorough, detailed, and professional in everything they do. I trust their results and know that my client is getting the best representation of the condition of the home when they use QHC for their home inspection.”

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